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Does Diabetes Increase My Risk of Developing Kidney Stones?

Does Diabetes Increase My Risk of Developing Kidney Stones?

A medical condition in which the human body is not able to produce enough insulin is called Diabetes. Blood sugar levels are regulated with the help of this insulin. Kidneys are prone to developing problems due to high blood sugar levels.
It is seen that patients suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, who have acidic urine can develop Kidney Stones. Excess calcium oxalate deposits in the urine lead to the formation of the hard substances in the Kidneys. However, other types of Kidney Stones are also formed including uric acid, struvite, or cystine.
As per a research, it was found that people with diabetes developed 40% more uric acid kidney stones compared to the ones without diabetes. Obesity also leads to the development of acidic urine. 

The formation of stones starts as grains of sand and then gradually increases in size. Usually, the smaller grain-like stones flush out on their own and when the size becomes about 4mm, then it may get stuck in the ureters and cause immense pain which may even lead to infections or bloody urine. 

Why do diabetic people have a higher risk of developing Kidney Stones?

When the body is not producing enough insulin levels or is not responding to insulin then the body does not have enough sugar to perform metabolism. Thus the human body is forced to metabolize fat which makes the urine acidic. This condition is called Ketoacidosis and this can change the level of pH in urine. Thus diabetes becomes direct culprit for the development of kidney stones.
Calcium Oxalate stones are caused by dehydrated diabetic patients. Hydration is the key to prevention to the development of kidney stones for diabetic people. Poorly controlled diabetes can directly lead to kidney stones. 

A word of advice to the diabetic people

  • Sugar levels should be under control. 
  • They should be conscious and always try to stay hydrated.
  • Follow DASH diet

Importance of DASH Diet :

Diet can play a pivotal role in the prevention of Kidney Stones. The focus is more on Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension or DASH diet. It emphasizes the increased intake of fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and unsaturated fats. The diet is not in favor of food items like red meat, processed meat, and high intake of salt or sugar.
It is a well-researched fact that people who follow the DASH diet are less likely to develop Kidney Stones than the ones who do not follow the diet. However, the physician can also advise the portion intake for the best results. Beyond the Dash Diet, other dietary options which should be followed are as follows:
  • Drink plenty of water. Hydration plays an essential role 
  • Have normal amounts of calcium-oriented food and there is no need to supplement calcium. It is best to get calcium from the foods. 
  • The intake of sugar and salt has to be minimized. Too much sodium can increase the calcium in the urine.
  • Less smoking and less alcohol can also help in the prevention of kidney stones. 
  • People look for herbal options also and consumption of chia seeds, apple cider vinegar, and black cherry juice are advisable. 
  • Intake of red meat should be restricted because it can increase uric acid and promote stone formation.
  • Limit the intake of tea, sodas, and chocolates also.

What should diabetic people who have already experienced kidney stones do in future?

One of the major setbacks which diabetics face is when they hear the news that they have developed kidney stones. But something which can be even worse is that the problem is a recurring one. It clearly means that diabetics are susceptible to develop recurring kidney stones.
It is highly recommended that they keep constant touch with the urologist or urology specialist hospital so that such issues can be under check. Preventive measures as mentioned above should be observed so that kidney stones do not reoccur.
Knowing what caused the kidney stones can play a pivotal preventive step to keep the disease away. The stone which has been passed in the urine should be examined in the lab which can give effective information on the type of stone and the reason which caused it. 


It is a well-established fact that Type 2 Diabetes leads to the formation of Kidney stones. But there are means and tips which can be very helpful in controlling the sugar levels in the body which can also prevent the formation of Kidney Stones.
It is also advisable to consult the expert regarding diabetes and the effective ways to keep it under check. Keep the blood sugar tested frequently. Maintaining a healthy and disease-free life is a choice which we can make to happy living.

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