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Piles Surgery & Treatment

07 Mar 2020


The lumps that develop within the rectum or around the anus that contain swollen and engorged blood vessels are known as Piles or Hemorrhoid.

30 Apr 2019

Symptoms You may not Expect with Piles

Piles can occur among men or women at any time. There is no prior warning associated with piles. There is presence of haemorrhoids (piles) in every human being. But inflamed piles do not always have symptoms which are easy to realise.

09 Apr 2019

What do You need to know about Piles?

Haemorrhoids are vascular structures in the anal canal which help with stool control. In their physiological state they act as a cushion composed of arterio-venous channels and connective tissue that aid the passage of stool. They become pathological (piles) when swollen or inflamed. Piles are a very common ailment that may affect men or women at any age. Piles may be internal or external.

06 Mar 2019

Piles : Types, Medical Causes, Risk Factors and Treatments

Read about the risk factors for piles, types of piles, medical causes of piles, risks due to piles and treatment for piles.