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Urinary Stone / Kidney Stone

17 Mar 2020

What Surgical Options can be Used for Kidney Stone Treatment?

Kidney Stones are those hard deposits that are made up of minerals such as calcium or waste products such as uric acid. They are initially small in size, but they can grow bigger as more minerals stick to them or ignored for a long time.

18 Feb 2020


We all are leading lives of an absolute busy schedule and unhealthy lifestyle practices where in accordance with our convenience, we eat, sleep and repeat without giving any thought to how our body is functioning.

31 Jan 2020

Overview of Kidney Stone Risk Factors

Kidneys are two bean-shaped organs in the renal system that help the body get rid of the waste by passing as urine.

18 Jan 2020

Kidney Stone Disease – Where Do We Stand Today?

Stones (calculi) within the urinary passage have affected human beings since early civilization. It still continues to be a major health ailment. The condition leads to repeated visits to the hospital with loss of working man-hours.

15 Nov 2019

Save Yourself from Kidney Stones

Today, we all are familiar with Kidney Stones that are increasing day by day amid all age groups and are considered as the most painful urological problem, but no one can even think of associating it with the rise in temperature and humidity.

09 Oct 2019

Kidney Stone Management in Pregnancy

Kidney stone in pregnancy is often a diagnostic and treating challenge; reasons include adverse effects of anaesthesia, radiation, and procedure.

04 Oct 2019

Kidney Stone Management in Infants (Paediatric Stone Management)

Kidney stones occur when the urine becomes over saturated with waste chemicals leading to the formation of small crystals in the urine. These crystals grow into stones and get larger with time.

28 May 2019

Early Warning Signs of Kidney Stones that You Shouldn't Ignore

People who have had kidney stones say that pain can be excruciating. Preventing kidney stones means making certain changes to your lifestyle – primarily drinking lots of water. But first, let us understand what kidney stones are?

18 Apr 2019

Kidney Stones : What to Eat and What not?

Kidney stones are formed in the urinary tract. The person can experience excruciating pain which comes in the form of waves. It is essential to get rid of the kidney stones so that the discomfort can be kept at bay. Kidney stones can be prevented.