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best urology & Laparoscopy hospital in India
Best Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital in India
best urology hospital
RG hospital
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India’s Largest Chain of Urology & Laparoscopy Hospital

RG Stone Hospital, the best urology hospital in India believes in delivering world-class healthcare facilities and services through 15 Super Specialty Urology Centers across the country. We have carved a strong presence in the healthcare domain in India by our state-of-the-art facilities, a team of expert doctors including urologists, nephrologists, gynaecologists, kidney stone specialists and more. Our experts have treated more than 4 lakh patients for different urological problems or conditions including urinary tract infections, kidney stones, bladder and prostate problems. Our focus is always on the complete well-being of our patients and our doctors work tirelessly to ensure that patients get the best and most suitable treatment.

We ensure that the patient is comfortable throughout the treatment process and even after it. We have the vision to strengthen healthcare and empower the patient to make informed choices. RG Stone Hospital is the pioneer in the urological treatments for kidney stone, BPH (Enlarged Prostate), male infertility, erectile dysfunction etc. by performing some of the most difficult procedures with high success.

Kidney Stone Hospital - Get Treatment by the Experts

We are here for your health, and we lead the way in treating the problems and conditions that impact the quality of life. All the latest treatment procedures, which make urology treatment in India the best, are provided by us. The advanced procedures and techniques at RG Stone Hospital have given hope to the patients suffering from acute urological problems. We have in our team, the internationally trained expert urologists, nephrologists, qualified doctors and support staff. Our doctors carry highest level of expertise to take right decisions and actions to give maximum positive results. We are known to be the only institute in India to offer all modalities of stone diseases management and prostate disease management under a single roof. We are considered the best urology centre in India because of the procedures and techniques we follow for diagnosing and treating different urological problems.

Highlights to vouch for RG Stone Hospital expertise

  • 4,50,000+ Successful Procedures
  • 30+ Years of Experience
  • 600+ Patient Beds
  • 1200+ Support Staff
  • Internationally Trained Faculty

Global Recognition

Patients from all around the globe use our services because we offer treatments for all urological conditions. Our experience in this field has allowed us to cover a wide range of urologic specialties including women’s urology, men’s urology, different urethral conditions, kidney stones, and even paediatric urology. We are rewarded for our efforts and expertise. We are awarded ISO 9001:2000 Certification for Our Quality Management System. Guinness Book of World Records certifies us for treating the Largest Kidney Stone of Size (13 cm).

Advanced Technologies for Urological Ailments & World Class Laparoscopic Techniques

We prefer advanced but minimally invasive techniques to speed up the recovery process and minimize the discomfort you are experiencing. Our doctors are trained to use advanced technologies such as robotic-assisted surgery to make sure that the surgeries are carried out easily and with precision. Our laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures are carried out using special instruments that ensures smaller incisions are made. We are a dedicated team of professionals who care for your health. Our leading-edge clinical research includes finding new and effective options for pelvic floor dysfunction, chronic bladder pain, vulvar pain, overactive bladder and sexual dysfunction.

Proven Treatments

Our expert team offers proven treatments to our patients, and we know that urological problems can be frustrating and embarrassing for some individuals. Our staff helps you determine your condition at its very best along with figuring out the best possible treatment plan for you and your family. Mostly, we provide you the complete support during your treatment. Our innovative treatment procedures comprise minimally invasive measures and specialized physical therapy. Our experienced team includes fellowship-trained and board-certified doctors, certified midwife-nurse, and more. We have proven our expertise by yielding successful results for some of the toughest medical conditions.

  • Treated the youngest patient with stone (6 months)
  • Treated the oldest patient with stone (107 years)
  • 500 gms Bladder Stone removed successfully.

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