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Foods That Must Not Feature on The Diet Chart of Patients with Kidney Stones

Foods That Must Not Feature on The Diet Chart of Patients with Kidney Stones

The human body is composed of complex organ systems. When all these systems work in union, you enjoy a great healthy life.

But if any one or more organs malfunction, it takes a serious toll on the person’s health. Kidney is one such essential body organ that flushes out body toxins.

Thousands of people suffering from kidney stones reach out to the doctors.  Kidney stones are also called  renal lithiasis or nephrolithiasis.

When the concentration of salts and minerals get high in the urine, you get these stones.

Thankfully, these can be removed either surgically or with medicines.

If the size of the kidney stones is bigger, then doctors prescribe an operation. In case the stones are smaller, then medicines help to melt them.
Harry was diagnosed with kidney stone of 6mm in the kidney. He did not want to undergo surgery. He was relieved when the doctor told him that his condition was treatable with medicines.
As he wanted to get his health back as soon as possible, he followed the doctors’ instructions diligently. Still something unthinkable happened during his follow-up appointment.
The tests showed that there has been an increase in the number of kidney stones. As he took his medicine on time, the doctor was unable to determine the cause of this deterioration.
It is only when the medical professional asked about his diet that he understood the cause behind this.

Poor Harry was eating all the foods, which are known to worsen the kidney stone condition. If you want to know what foods to avoid during the treatment period, then read this article carefully.

Foods That Aggravate The Kidney Stone Disease

Diet plays an important part in a person suffering from kidney stone. It not only strengthens the internal immunity, but also helps the medicines to work their magic.

If you are suffering from kidney stone, then you must consult with an experienced Dietitian.

Following their guidelines will help your cause. Here is a list of foods, which you must avoid at all cost:
  • Limiting Animal Protein Intake – Doctors as well as dieticians are of the opinion that it is best to stay away from animal protein during the treatment. Chicken, pork, beef and other red meats are harder to digest. Studies show that these meats can also up the level of uric acid in the patient’s body. Uric acidstones  are common. 
  • Low Sodium Consumption – Experts opine that the kidney stones are mainly composed of calcium deposits. Thus, there are no extra points for guessing that it is best to cut down on sodium intake. Consumption of salty food increases calcium synthesis and more deposition. Doctors strictly suggest that patients must not indulge in fast foods as they are spicy and are high in salt content. Avoiding fruits or vegetable juices with high salt content, is a good idea.
  • Avoid Nuts and Legumes – Legumes are great source of uric acid. Nuts on the other hand are full of fats and protein. If you are under kidney stone treatment, then these foods must be removed from your diet chart. 
  • Don’t Consume Colas – Aerated drinks, for instance cola, has high concentration of phosphates. Patients suffering from kidney stones must follow a diet that is devoid of this chemical. Consumption of phosphate speeds up the creation of stones in the kidney. Additional sugar  also slows down the recovery process. 
  • Stay Away From Excessive Tea and Coffee – If you are a heavy tea or coffee drinker, then you need to cut down on these considerably. Tea and coffee have caffeine, which promote the deposition of minerals on the kidney stones. A cup or two each day will not harm your condition.

Ending Note :

Proper medicines and adequate diet will pave the path for quick recovery.

?If the stones reduce in size, then these will melt out of your system normally.

In case that does not happen, you will have to go under the surgery.

Following the guidelines of the medical professional and dietician are your tickets to a healthy and kidney stone free 

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