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Symptoms You may not Expect with Piles

Symptoms You may not Expect with Piles

Piles can occur among men or women at any time. There is no prior warning associated with piles. There is presence of haemorrhoids (piles) in every human being. But inflamed piles do not always have symptoms which are easy to realise. 

The most common problems which occur with piles are:

  • Discomfort in the rectum
  • Itching or pain in the anal area
  • The person may experience blood in the tissue or in the pot while using the bathroom 
  • Pink and moist bump which budges out of the anus is the external pile and the appearance of the bump is an assurance of the presence of piles.
Generally people do not consider these as the warning sign and continue with the normal working. But when the problem persists and their normal life is affected, they feel the need to visit the doctor. Until now, they may be ignorant about the presence of piles in their body.

The piles can be in the external or the internal part of the anus. Generally the inner piles are not very disturbing. But contrary to this, the external piles are quite uncomfortable and the people should consult the doctor to discuss about the problem.
Thus the other side of the coin is also present which should not be overlooked. The symptoms may indicate towards piles but there are other conditions which can also have similar symptoms.

Some of these conditions are:

  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Diverticulitis
  • Colitis
  • Rectal cancer
Right diagnosis is very important and the patient should be willing to consult the doctor regarding the same. Hence being aware of the problem is the most important step which should not be overlooked.

How is the condition of piles diagnosed?

The doctor will examine the anus area. He may use an aid to examine the inner part of the anus to get a better idea about the intensity of the problem. An anoscope is a hollow tube which is lighted for getting a view of the rectum. 

Other diagnosis or tests may be prescribed by the doctor to identify the inner piles as well. an X-ray known as the Barium X-Ray can be conducted by the expert.

This is performed after administering barium enema and after that the X-ray of the lower gastrointestinal tract is taken.

What is the treatment for piles?

The best part about piles is that these may get better on its own; but not always. Medical intervention is the best solution when the problem is in the aggravated stage. Pregnant ladies need to be extra cautious and consult the doctor regarding the issue.
  • Sitz bath is one of the most effective ways to deal with the problem. The patient can sit in a warm tub of water of about 3 inches and 
  • Using petroleum jelly while pooping can ease the use of pressure and thus help the patients.

These are the home remedies which can be followed by the people. Alternatively, a more intense treatment procedure may be required for the people suffering from external piles.

Surgery is the option which the experts often suggest to get rid of the problem. The surgery is not a major one and the patients can handle it with ease under the expert supervision. 

Conclusion :

Piles are a serious condition that needs to be treated properly, once it occurs. However, it is very much possible to prevent this condition to occur if you follow proper diet, do exercise and bring change in your lifestyle. A mild condition heals itself if you take care of issues like constipation. For more severe condition, you need a medical treatment from specialist of piles hospital.

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