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Pain Killers Are Harmful

Pain Killers Are Harmful


I am having headache or fever,

It's Kidney/urinary stone pain,

My back is hurting, My neck is so stiff today, let me take a pain killer and it will be fine. All of us say or hear these lines everyday and then we prefer going to a druggist or take a pain killer at home but we never realize what these painkillers are doing to our body.

What is a Pain killer? 

An analgesic or pain killer is a medicine which decreases pain. The medicines work by blocking the enzyme controlled synthesis of prostaglandins indirectly, these medicines restricts the synthesis of Prostaglandins hence the pain is decreased.

How Pain killers are harmful?

Occasional medicine intake helps in reducing the pain but prolonged use without prescription harms the body. Painkillers which are taken without doctor's  advice may harm kidneys in one way or the other.

Medicines like aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, acetaminophen and others taken for a long time without any medical supervision leads to increase the risk of developing renal problems. Kidneys play a major role as most of the medicines are excreted out of the body through kidneys.

How Kidneys are affected ?

Role of Kidney is very crucial for excreted the chemicals out of the body.

Many incidents of acute kidney failure are reported with the prolonged use of painkillers majorly with the use of aspirin, naproxen , ibuprofen. Once a kidney disease is diagnosed due to analgesic use it continues to get worse if the use of the drug is not stopped.

Regular intake of painkillers without prescription is one of the leading cause attributing to Acute Kidney failure, Dialysis is one of the emergency treatment of acute kidney failure.Dialysis is a procedure in which an artificial kidney or hemodialyzer for the removal of waste products and chemicals.

Analgesic nephropathy is a Chronic kidney disease that permanently damages kidney and the patient requires regular dialysis or kidney transplant. The combination of multiple painkillers is more harmful and damages kidney function at a faster rate.

What can be done?

Avoid the use of pain killer, take it when it is required. 

If it is a Kidney/urinary stone pain or any other stone pain than it is advised to get it treated so that use of painkillers 

People who take regular painkillers must consult their doctor to provide them with a safe alternative that will not harm other organs of the body.

Non prescribed pain killers should be avoided.

Regular exercise helps in reducing the pain. Keep yourself busy and active.

Meditation is one of most useful alternative for painkillers.




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