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Diabetes is a condition in which blood sugar levels are substantially higher than they should be. Talking about diabetes, there are two types of diabetes:

  1. Type 1
  2. Type 2

Kidney disease is most commonly caused by diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is a chronic illness where insulin production from the pancreas is very less. It is also termed an autoimmune condition where the immune system actively destroys the insulin-producing cells. Adolescents are usually diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Whereas, type 2 diabetes is a severe condition where insulin is present in sufficient quantity in the body but the body cells find it difficult to absorb the sugar from the blood.  Those with type 2 diabetes, are more prone to kidney stones. Kidney stone development is more likely when insulin levels are high.

Kidney stones signs and symptoms: 

  1. Urine with blood
  2. Vomiting and nausea
  3. Burning sensation and pain while urinating
  4. Severe back pain which may not be confined to a single location due to movements of the stone from kidneys to urethra

Let’s study the link between blood sugar levels and kidney stones:
In type 2 diabetes, Insulin resistance and the addition of artificial insulin can significantly raise the overall amount of Insulin in the blood lowering the pH of the urine, thus, making it more acidic. Kidney stones grow when the levels of minerals that are excreted through urine are higher than normal inside the body. Kidney stones are formed when the urine includes a higher concentration of calcium oxalate or uric acid. The likelihood of uric acid stone production increases as the urine becomes more acidic. The formation of crystalline compounds occurs when the minerals present in urine aren’t sufficiently diluted with the water. These compounds will keep growing if they are not timely released by the body. 

It is relatively easy to pass out small kidney stones just by intake of a sufficient amount of water and fluids along with prescribed medicines. As kidney stones develop in size, they can cause significant pain and can even impede the urine flow from the kidneys to the bladder.

Following are the additional factors that can contribute to kidney stone formation or recurrence:

  1. If an individual is over weighted 
  2. Cases of intestinal surgery
  3. Medications are taken to treat other medical conditions
  4. Consumption of high protein diets, salt, or processed sugar. 
  5. Family history linked with kidney stones.

How do we prevent kidney stones formation?
Here are some simple things which you can add to your daily routines to keep yourself fit and avoid the formation of kidney stones:-
1.    You should get serious control over your diabetes if you are diagnosed with kidney stones
2.    Sufficient water consumption on a daily basis
3.    Exercise regularly 
4.    Your diet should be rich in fiber, fruits, and vegetables. 

Additionally, there are chances for you to reverse type 2 diabetes with significant diet changes and daily exercising. By keeping your diabetes under control, you can majorly avoid the damage caused by blood vessels and lowered the risk of kidney stone formation. 

RG Stone Hospital is a top-tier kidney stone hospital in Delhi that treats kidney stones with maximum precision and care providing its patients with the finest treatment experience. If you are suffering from kidney stone then visit your nearest RG Stone Hospital for excellent care.

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