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Urology is a medical speciality that focuses on the issues associated with male and female urinary tract systems. A urologist is a medical specialist who specialises in the urinary system and is responsible for addressing the medical issues affecting the urinary system which includes-
Bladder- is a muscular pouch in the pelvis that stores urine
Kidney- biological organs that filter waste from the blood in order to generate urine
Ureter- tubes that transport the urine from kidneys to the bladder 
Urethra- tubes that actively transports urine from the bladder to the outside of the body
Adrenal glands- Each kidney has adrenal glands located on top of them, that are responsible for producing hormones

The ureters, kidneys and bladder are the key components of the urinary tract. Urologists specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract issues. They are thoroughly trained to assess a patient's condition and prescribe appropriate diagnostic tests and exams. Following is the list of symptoms that clearly indicates dysfunctioning of urinary tract:

    • Difficulty in urinating
    • Urine leakage
    • Extreme pain in lower back, pelvis or sides
    • Burning sensation or pain during urination
    • Recurring urge to urinate
    • Hematuria- a condition where there is presence of blood in urine

Urologists work with both males and females. They treat urinary tract disorders in women. Urologists diagnose and treat disorders of penis and testicles in men. A urologist will run a series of tests to establish the source of the problem linked with the urinary tract. Imaging tests such as ultrasound, MRI, and CT scans can all be beneficial in diagnosing the issues. 
A urine test may also be performed to screen for bacteria and other diseases to help the urologist pinpoint the problem. A urologist performs the below listed procedures to in order to diagnose the problem- 
    1. Ureteroscopy- a surgical procedure used to remove kidney stones
    2. Cystoscopy- a procedure that allows doctor to inspect the lining of your bladder and urethra
    3. Prostate biopsy- A process that involves removing samples of questionable tissue from the prostate gland.
    4. Vasectomy- It is a type of male birth control that reduces the amount of supply of sperm to your semen
    5. Nephrectomy- A surgical procedure that involves the removal of one or both the kidneys. The treatment is mostly used to treat kidney cancer. 

Urologists can also assist you with:
    1. Urinary Incontinence- It is defined as the loss of bladder control. 
    2. Problems associated with women’s pelvic floor- The muscles that support the bladder, rectum, and vagina might become weak, allowing the vagina or other  organs to move out of their natural locations. 
    3. Peyronie’s disease- that causes a scar tissue to form inside the penis , resulting in painful or deformed erections
    4. Prostate problems 
    5. Erectile dysfunction-
difficulty while keeping an erection

To maintain a healthy urinary system, urologists ask you to empty your bladder regularly and consume more water than caffeine. They also emphasise the necessity of quitting smoking and eating a low salt diet. 
RG stone hospitals is the leading urology hospital in Delhi to conduct the medications with a knowledgeable team that is thoroughly trained to address all of the issues linked with the urinary system in an appropriate and result oriented manner. Here, with us, you will experience hygiene and care with full potential. Get your appointment with one of our urologists and discover the best treatment in the town. 

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