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Sunshine Vitamin - Get Out in The Sun more Often

Sunshine Vitamin - Get Out in The Sun more Often


Sunshine Vitamin (D) Deficiency rising in people.

Vitamin D can protect against polycystic ovarian disease in girls and prostate cancer in men.

Life has become busy with all of us these days. People spend maximum time indoors, be it in office, home or inside the vehicle. 

Most of us do not spend time in the sun, rather run away from it. 

The deficiency of sunlight is causing many people to suffer from common symptoms such as lethargy, body pain, backache, sleeplessness, and mood swings. True! 

These symptoms are due to the fact that the body does not get enough sunlight. Vitamin D (The Sunshine Vitamin) is produced in the body in response to sunlight. It cannot be produced by the body on its own.

As per a report, Indians make a huge percentage of Vitamin D deficiency sufferers. 

These days the doctors prescribe Vitamin D supplements to a very high number of patients. 

Vitamin D is not only essential for bones, but for many other health-related issues such as depression, cancer, diabetes, polycystic ovaries, parathyroid problems, prostate problems, and many more.

Another reason that people in a tropical country like India are deficient in Vitamin D is because of the fact that in darker-skinned people, melanin concentration is high and vitamin D production gets less. 

This production is fast in sunlight for fair-skinned people. 

Many people avoid getting out in the sun is the fear of suntan, especially females. Also, this is the era of high rising buildings, which does not leave enough space for sunlight to enter our premises and our body. 

Even children are nowadays seen playing inside their homes rather than out in the gardens. 

Also, with increasing age, the kidneys sometimes cannot convert Vitamin D to its active form. 

And last but not the least, obesity, due to which Vitamin D gets extracted from the blood by the fat cells and alters its circulation. 

All this has led to an increase in the problems associated with Vitamin D deficiency. 

Sunlight is extremely important for the synthesis and absorption of Vitamin D, which is actually a precursor hormone – it builds the powerful steroid calcitriol.

Researchers are on for discovering that this vitamin is a key factor for maintaining hormonal balance and a healthy immune system. 

There seems to be a connection between vitamin D and insulin resistance and indirectly polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD) in girls. 

Insulin resistance reduces when Vitamin D levels are sustained. 

Women suffering from PCOD are more likely to be obese and have abnormal menstrual cycles. Vitamin D helps in regulating the bodyweight in such females.

‘Vitamin D’ also has a role to play in the prevention of many cancers including prostate cancer. Sunlight directly lowers the risk. UVB portion of sunlight stimulates the body to release the sunshine vitamin. As per a study, even the survival rates for prostate cancer patients are much better for those diagnosed in summers.

But there are some cautions to be followed! Many patients just load themselves with Vitamin D on knowing the deficiency, leading to hyper vitamin is D. 

Too much vitamin D is also not good. It can cause headaches, vomiting, dehydration, and pain in the abdomen. Also, too much sunshine can be harmful for skin.

One should know what amount is the right amount for the body. The easiest calculator is the simple blood test for 25-hydroxyvitamin D. This must be an essential test in the annual health check-up for all. 

One can surely make changes in the lifestyle and curb this deficiency. The diet should be rich in Vitamin D including eggs, fish, and meat. In a vegetarian diet, dairy products, cereals should be a must. 

Fortified milk is a must for all at all ages! Sunshine consumption for at least 15 minutes daily can prove to be a tonic. Or the doctor can even prescribe supplements if required.

By RG Hospital

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