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RG Marathon Championship 2022

Why Shouldn’t Run Everyday? Benefits Of Running That Make You Healthier

Running has been growing in popularity for decades. Given that this practice boosts physical fitness and no equipment is required. This is a workout that you can do on your own at any time and take with you when you're away from home (no need to worry about the gym or any fitness class). It's great for improving cardiovascular fitness.

Running is different from walking because in walking we always keep one foot on the ground. However, there are moments when both feet float and that’s called running. This makes running a powerful physical fitness activity.

Depending on the type of running, it can be cardio, anaerobic, or a combination of both. Aerobic and anaerobic are the two subtypes of aerobic exercises. During aerobic exercise, oxygen uptakes and heart rate remain constant for some time, while anaerobic exercise provides a rapid burst of energy for a short period of time at peak effort levels. Running is an aerobic exercise if you keep your pace and energy expenditure constant.

Running offers a variety of physical and mental health benefits (as do most forms of exercise, of course).

-Boosts Mood and Energy Levels:

Going for walk or run as low as one to 2 miles can enhance temper and electricity levels, and have a greater impact on contributors than meditation, deep breathing, innovative muscle relaxation, or guided imagery.

-Better Respiratory Function:

Along with intellectual fitness benefits, going for walks is related to stepped-forward cardiovascular and breathing characteristics due to the fact each of these structures gets greater oxygen and higher blood flow. Going for walks, no matter how regularly you run, indicates a decreased threat of cardiovascular-associated mortality.

-More Muscle Strength:

Although going for walks isn't always taken into consideration as an energy workout but it pumps up your hamstrings, glutes, and quads. It is observed that people who run, walk or sprint on regular basis have a higher bone density than those who don't.  Those who run often maintain good bone energy, and a few even stepped forward their density over time.

-Lower Risk of Chronic Disease:

Walking is related to regulated blood pressure, blood sugar, and optimum weight. And it facilitates if you hit the advocated benchmark of forty to fifty minutes of daily bodily activity, you will lower the threat of chronic diseases like cancers, chronic heart diseases, and type 2 diabetes.

-Long Life:

Researchers state that runners have a 25 to 40%  decreased threat of sudden deaths and stay about 3 years more than the non-runners.

-Running For Mental Health:

Apart from physical benefits running has numerous more benefits that are associated with mental well-being.

  1. Running relieves stress.
  2. Running helps generate happy hormones.
  3. Running improves emotional well-being.
  4. Running gives relief from tension, depression, anger, aggression, and anxiety.  



To promote the amazing sport called “Running” and all the benefits associated with RG Hospital organizes RG Marathon Championship every year with the slogan #RunForHealth. It is a mega event in which people from different states, cities, and even countries come together for a run, that is filled with heaps of energy and lots of fun.

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