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RG Marathon Championship 2022


07 Aug 2023

Decoding the Differences: Urologist vs. Nephrologist – Which Specialist Do You Need?

Discover the differences between urologists and nephrologists, crucial for informed medical decisions. This article clarifies their distinct roles in kidney and urinary care, aiding you in selecting the right specialist. Learn about conditions, tests, and when to consult.

02 Aug 2023

Piles Management: Lifestyle Changes for Hemorrhoids Relief

Discover effective lifestyle changes to manage and prevent hemorrhoids, commonly known as piles. This informative article highlights the causes and symptoms of piles and explores six essential lifestyle adjustments for piles relief. Explore RG Stone and Laparoscopy Hospital's advanced piles treatment options for faster and better outcomes.

12 Jul 2023

Minimally Invasive Surgery VS Open Surgery: Which one is right for you?

Deciding between open surgery and minimally invasive surgery requires considering factors such as the medical condition, surgeon's recommendation, recovery time, potential risks, and personal circumstances. While open surgery offers accessibility, minimally invasive surgery provides smaller incisions, faster recovery, and lower risks.

01 Jun 2023

Everything you need to know about Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a surgical procedure for treating obesity by making changes to the digestive system or reducing nutrient absorption. It helps with weight loss, but lifestyle changes are necessary for long-term success. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and can have risks and complications such as infections, bleeding, digestion difficulties, and gallstones. Contact RG Stone and Laparoscopy Hospitals for weight loss surgery in Delhi NCR.

02 Dec 2022

What To Know About Kidney Stones : Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment.

The kidneys, which are located just below the rib cage on either side of the spine, do a lot to keep the body in check. Consider your kidney as a filter.

16 Nov 2022

Hernia, Everything That You Need to Know

Hernia is a medical ailment that affects people who have weak muscles or underdeveloped tissues. When an organ or the intestines are under strain, it starts.

31 Oct 2022

Best and Worst Foods for Hemorrhoids

We all like to eat unhealthy, greasy, and spicy foods, even though we know they can have a negative impact on our health. What was once a rare disease has now become common and one such disease is hemorrhoids

28 Oct 2022

Healthy Weight Checklist: What food prevents obesity?

Most of us are always looking for ways to burn fat and consciously trying to limit takeout and snacks to reduce fat. It's also helpful to know which foods you should eat more of and which foods actively burn fat and calories.

14 Oct 2022

Why Shouldn’t Run Everyday? Benefits Of Running That Make You Healthier

Running has been growing in popularity for decades. Given that this practice boosts physical fitness and no equipment is required.

30 Sep 2022

What is Ovarian Cancer? Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Signs, Stages, Diagnosis

Ovarian cancer is a kind of cancer that occurs in 1 in every 75 women. Ovarian cancer is the growth of cells that form in the ovaries. The cells multiply quickly and can invade and destroy healthy body tissue.

23 Sep 2022

Male Infertility & Reasons Behind It

Male infertility is usually due to problems with spermatogenesis. This may be due to hormonal problems, decreased testicular function, or obstruction of the urogenital tract in men.

12 Sep 2022

Effective Ways to Control Obesity

When doctors say you're obese, they're not trying to make you feel bad. They use a specific medical term - obesity - to talk about your weight.