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31 Jan 2019

What are The Risk Factors for BPH / Enlarged-Prostate?

The prostate is a muscular gland present in the male reproductive system. The prostate surrounds the urethra and is responsible for making most of the fluid in the semen. Its muscular action helps in propelling the fluid and semen through the penis during sexual climax.

29 Jan 2019

All You Need to Know About Gallbladder Stones

Gallstones, or gallbladder stones as they are commonly known as, are not really stones. These are pieces of solid material formed in the gallbladder. The gallbladder is a pear-shaped, small organ that is located below your liver, on the right of your abdomen.

22 Jan 2019

What do You Need to Know About Enlarged-Prostate? - RG Hospital

Read RG Hospital blog about Know About Enlarged-Prostate like prostate conditions, Symptoms of Enlarged Prostate, Medication & Causes of Enlarged Prostate or BPH.

26 Dec 2018

What is Laser Kidney Stone Surgery?

Laser Kidney Stone Surgery is minimally invasive in which a patient is under the effect of anaesthesia and a small lighted instrument known as the Ureteroscope is placed into the urethra and urinary bladder. This makes it easier to see the stone in the kidney and the ureter.

12 Dec 2018

Does Diabetes Increase My Risk of Developing Kidney Stones?

A patients suffering from Diabetes, who have acidic urine can develop Kidney Stones. Excess calcium oxalate deposits in the urine lead to the formation of the hard substances in the Kidneys.

03 Dec 2018

When will You Need Surgery for Kidney Stones?

Kidney stone is a painful condition which can affect the urinary tract. As per statistics, every year 3 million people visit the health care centers complaining of the same. In most cases, the stones pass out of the body but there are serious cases which require medical intervention.

25 Oct 2018

8 Ways to Reduce Risk of Kidney Stones

A kidney stone is the common health problem that can happen to anyone. But there are many ways to reduce the risk of kidney stone.

08 Jun 2018

Kidney Stone During Pregnancy – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Kidney stones increase the risk for metabolic and hypertensive complications during pregnancy. Let’s look at all the aspects of kidney stones during pregnancy.

08 Jun 2018

Piles Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment - Need to Know

Piles patients are generally between 40 and 65. This problem is also very common in women when they are pregnant. Know more about the types of piles, its symptoms and the treatment which focuses on relieving the symptoms and bring in the much-needed relief to patients.

04 May 2018

Kidney Stone Removal: A Modern Method for Treating Painful Scourge

With the vast advancement in the field of science and medical technologies, painful open kidney stone surgery has been replaced by modern painless, less invasive procedures. Find out more about the modern kidney stone treatment and its advantages.

07 Apr 2017

DEPRESSION: A Guide to Good Treatment, Causes and Symptoms

7th April is World Health Day, this year the theme is Depression: Let's Talk INDIA constitutes 17% of World's population, out of which India stands on 6th number in total World's suicide data, DEPRESSION is the leading cause of increased suicide rate in India.

24 Mar 2017

Pain Killers Are Harmful

Painkillers decreases the pain in minutes, the regular use of pain killers reduces the efficiency of the body part if they are taken in multiple combinations for long time.