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Cosmetic Gynaecology

Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery - Best Hospital in Delhi

Cosmetic gynecology is the fastest growing industry globally, keeping today's scenario in mind. It covers various procedures to enhance the appearance of the female vagina. It also helps repair, restore, and enhance vaginal repairs and sexual functions that occur post-childbirth and aging. 

Cosmetic gynecology refers to the aesthetic non-surgical, minimally surgical approach to corrections and enhancement of the genital structures, including the Labia Minora, Labia Majora, Clitoral hood, Monspubic, Peroneum, Vulva, Vagina, Hymen, and abdomen.

Patients of Cosmetic Gynaecology are:-

•Women after childbirth

•Postmenopausal women

•Women who want improvement in their intimate areas.

With aging, labor, menopause, and hormonal change, the internal and external genital structure of a female may agonize and torment, which may significantly impact the appearance of the vagina and hamper sexual dysfunction. However, the advent of cosmetic gynecology is like a boon for females. It has made the enhancement of the vagina easier and helped them live their life fully and enjoy the absolute pleasure of sexual intercourse.

Clinical Solutions for a Better Feminine Life:

Over time natural processes within a woman's life cycle, such as childbirth and the hormonal changes accompanying aging, can cause physiological changes leading to various health conditions such as urine leakage, vaginal dryness, vaginal laxity, and infections. These symptoms can negatively affect women's quality of life and often prevent them from carrying out a normal lifestyle.

No matter what de-cycle stage you're in, Cosmetic Gynecology can help you regain your self-confidence and restore your intimate life. Cosmetic Gynecology provides a quick, sale, highly effective, and minimally invasive solution for various female health concerns. It is an outpatient with no pain achieving immediate improvement with lasting results.


Vaginal tissue comprises collagen fibers that make it more flexible and strengthful. Cosmetic Gynecology uses breakthrough laser technology to heat vaginal tissue gently, contract existing tubers and stimulate new collagen formation. This improves the functionality of the entire vaginal area, normalizing blood flow, increasing lubrication, boosting immune resistance, and restoring the strength and elasticity of the vagina.


The Cosmetic Gynecology procedure is similar to a vaginal ultrasound exam. A specially designed hygienic laser probe is inserted into the vagina as the CO2 laser gently treats the vaginal sue. The quick procedure takes less than 10 minutes, is virtually painless, and has no side effects, allowing you to return to your normal activities immediately after treatment.


Stress Urinary Incontinence:

The involuntary leakage of urine during daily activities increases pressure in the abdomen, such as coughing, sneezing, laughing, or exercising. It is caused by a loss of strength in the urethra due to weakening the pelvic support structure. Cosmetic Gynecology treats this, increasing the thickness of the vaginal walls and strengthening the pelvic support structure. Cosmetic Gynaecology reduces the symptoms and restores the problem of stress urinary incontinence.

Vaginal Tightening:

Over time, especially after childbirth, vaginal tissue can overstretch, creating a feeling of looseness laxity) and reduced sensitivity in the vaginal area. This can lead to decreased satisfaction during sexual intercourse, creating a significant quality of life issue. Cosmetic Gynecology tones and rebuilds the collagen of the vaginal walls, enhances the sensitivity of the vaginal receptors, and contracts existing vaginal tissue, increasing vaginal tightness and improving sexual satisfaction.


The shift in hormones that occurs with menopause can cause the Lining of the vagina to become thin, vie drier, less elastic, and inflamed; cosmetic Gynecology rejuvenates the vaginal Lining increasing the thickness of the vaginal walls and restoring lubrication. The treatment reduces uncomfortable symptoms such as itching, burning, and friction and helps improve sexual function.

Post Delivery Rehabilitation:

Childbirth, a meaningful life cycle event, involves many physiological changes to a woman's body Post delivery, the vaginal area may feel stretched and dry, and the pelvic floor may be weakened. Cosmetic Gynecology rehabilitates the entire vaginal area by strengthening and toning vaginal tissue and restoring it to its pre-delivery state.

Vaginal Dryness & Recurring Infections:

Cosmetic Gynecology helps women suffering from dryness and recurring vaginal infections by rejuvenating the vaginal Lining and restoring lubrication. The treatment increases the immune system response of the vaginal area, generates healthy tissue, and naturally maintains normal PH levels


-Safe and simple procedures 

-Quick and convenient treatment

-Minimally invasive with no bleeding and pain

-Easily integrated feminine health into a lifestyle

Many scholars and researchers claim that a beautiful and pleasing genital is the key to a woman's self-confidence. We believe that is correct, so here we are presenting world-class cosmetic gynecology services to give that magical change to your life. So, what are you waiting for? Visit us and get in touch with our experts.