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A Qualified Team of Urologists, Doctors for Kidney stone Treatment in Chennai, Saidapet Branch

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RG Stone is the best urology hospital in Chennai that uses the latest tools and equipment for treating urological disorders in patients. The modern Holmium laser systems provide the doctors at RG Stone with a broad range of settings that allow them to choose different arrangements that have specific effects on different urological disorders including enlarged prostate (BPH), kidney cancer, prostate cancer, kidney/urinary stones, etc. Holmium lasers are the latest procedure used by RG Stone in the management and treatment of urological disorders.  

The urology specialist in Chennai says that the pervasiveness of urological disorders like kidney stone disease and prostate enlargement has increased in the modern era due to the effects of changes in dietary habits, diabetes, and obesity. In the present scenario, while the minimally invasive treatments remain the foundation of therapies, but due to lack of precision and uncertain body mechanism, the success rate of treating the urological disorders is not 100%.

However, the kidney stone treatment in Chennai is upgraded to some of the revolutionizing technologies.  After mastering the technique of urinary tract management with and without surgery, the urologists at RG Stone super specialty hospital have moved towards modern tools and techniques.

Passing the kidney stones can be quite difficult and painful but the urologist in Chennai states that the stones usually cause no permanent damage if they are diagnosed early in a timely fashion. Depending on your situation, you may need nothing more than some pain medications and adequate amount of fluid intake to pass the stones. However, in case if the stones get lodged in the urinary tract and cause complications, then surgery may be required. 

Best Urologist in Chennai discusses the Symptoms of Kidney Stones

The doctors say that the stone may not cause any symptoms until it passes into your ureter or moves within your kidney. At that point, you are prone to experience the following signs and symptoms.

  • Urinating in small amounts
  • Chills and fever if an infection is present
  • Urinating more than usual
  • Frequent urge to urinate
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Foul-smelling urine
  • Cloudy urine
  • Brown, red, or pink urine indicating blood
  • Pain while urinating and more….

Lithotripsy Treatment in Chennai

The urologists at RG Stone use Lithotripsy for treating certain types of kidney and urinary stones.  You will be suggested to undergo Lithotripsy when the kidney stones begin to cause problems like severe pain, bleeding, and urinary tract infection.

Lithotripsy works in a way that it uses sound waves for breaking large stones into smaller pieces. The sound waves used in Lithotripsy is also known as high-energy shock waves. The most general form of Lithotripsy treatment practiced at RG Stone is the Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL). During ESWL, the doctor uses a unique machine called a Lithotripter for generating shock waves. The shock waves are applied from outside the body that travels through your body and breaks the stones.

It is a noninvasive medical procedure that doesn’t require surgery, thereby replacing surgery as a treatment option for smaller kidney stones. The doctors say that the noninvasive procedures like ESWL are generally safer and easier to recover from as compared to invasive medical interventions.

Lithotripsy usually takes around an hour to perform and it is carried out under regional, or local anesthesia so that you don’t experience any pain.  What makes RG Stone the best kidney stone hospital in Chennai is that at RG Stone Chennai all the equipments and instruments are regularly updated and upgraded to the latest technology in order to ensure that all the medical procedures are carried out hassle-free. Procedures like ESWL, Stone Fragmentation by Holmium Laser, Holmium Laser Enucleation of Prostate etc. are easily carried out using state-of-the-art medical equipments and instruments at RG Stone.

Long-term Outlook for Patients with Kidney Stones

For kidney stone patients, the outlook is generally on the positive side. The doctors say that the recovery may vary depending on the type of the stone, size of the stone, and the medical procedure used. 


TURP Set & Urethra Renoscope
Lithotripsy & Holmium Laser
HD Camera & Bio Chemistry Analyser
Endoflator & Light Source
Carestream Printer & Medical Moniter
Anaesthesia Machine & LED OT Light
Ventilator, CR System & Printer


The institute has a large team of qualified, experienced and dedicated consultants, doctors, nurses and other para-medical staff belonging to all concerned disciplines. This has greatly helped the institute to ensure that those engaged in treatments are fully conversant with latest procedures and innovations with the help of submitting various national and international papers, regular participation in conferences and workshops worldwide.

Dr. R. Vijay Kumar

Dr. R. Vijay Kumar

Medical Director & Chief Urologist

MS, MCh (Uro), MNAMS, FRCS (Edin.)



M.S., MRCS (GLASG)., DNB (Surgery)., M.Ch(Urology)

Dr. T. R. Raj Kumar

Consultant Urologist

MS, MCh (Uro)

Dr. M. Nanda Kishore

Laparoscopic Surgeon

MS (Surgery), FIAGES

Dr. Ganapathy Asokan

Consultant Anaesthetist

M.D., D.A.

Dr. R. Kanthimathy

Consultant Anaesthetist


Dr. R. Manimaran

Consultant Anaesthetist


Dr. M. Natarajan


M.B.B.S.,M.D.(Internal Medicine), D.A.
Dr. Rajaram Ganesan

Dr. Rajaram Ganesan

Consultant Radiologist


Dr. D. Arunalatha



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