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Trauma Centre

Trauma Centre

RG Stone Hospital's Trauma Centre is considered to be one of the finest hospitals in Goa are capable of treating a broad spectrum of mental and physical health problems. Patients who are going through or suffering from any issue affecting their mental health have found it beneficial to get their check-up done from us. Hospital Trauma Centre is best known for its high success rate and patient satisfaction in the country.

Why RG Stone Hospital?

RG Stone Hospital, Bardez, Goa comprises of well-trained health professionals that exactly know how to treat a variety of health disorders like depression, anxiety, autism, dementia, substance use disorders, insomnia, behavioural issues, schizophrenia or any other health condition that directly or indirectly affects your mental health. Our hospital is well equipped with advanced treatment solutions and OPD & IPD facilities and separate wards.

Our team of experts organize various mental health workshops and counsel people going through a phase which is hampering them to have a calm state of mind. RG Stone Hospital trauma centre provides care that caters to different individuals' different needs as a mental health condition is not the same for everyone. Along with multidisciplinary assessments and routine health check-ups, our trauma centre aims to provide a comprehensive level of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that involve MRI, ECG, psychological testing, narcotherapy, counselling, electro-convulsive therapy and CT scan.

What is Trauma?

Trauma is a sudden emotional response of an individual to a tragicevent that is not only harmful to the mental well-being of the individual but can also, create a long term impact. Not every person experiences a trauma; it is the circumstance or situation that creates a demanding and stressful impact on an individual's mind. It can create a variety of physical and emotional symptoms. The symptoms take time to show up and can also last for a long time if no treatment has been initiated. Symptoms might include A person might find it difficult to process their experiences and cause physical symptoms. If the symptoms persist and don'tdon't show any change for good on its own, then the trauma has developed into post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is best advised to consult the doctor at the earliest for a counselling session and therapy to get to the root cause of the problem and provide treatment that decreases the severity.

Facilities and Treatments

RG Stone Hospital, Bardez, Goa is the name you can trust on when you get to see symptoms related to depression, anxiety, post-traumatic disorder, mood disorder, anxiety disorder and experience hallucinations, delusions, suicidal tendencies, a feeling of self-harm, lack of impulse control, a sense of hopelessness, guilt, loss of interest, social isolation and poor appetite.

Substance or drug abuse is also at the common factor is seen in people going through depression. It is essential to conduct different mental wellness programs that create a sense of awareness and imparts among the people about the importance of body and mind disorders for an overall holistic

improvement and treatment that is long-lasting and creates a sense of satisfaction. Our staff carries superlative speciality to diagnose and understand the behavioural patterns and change in the patient's habits. Our doctors are expert at handling multiple disorders related to mental well-being and individuals who experience high-stress levels. It sometimes becomes way too complicated for the patient to open up about the symptoms he/she is experiencing.

It becomes necessary to create an ambience where the patient can clearly and openly talk about everything that he/she encounters daily. Patients who visit our trauma clinic for treatment go through a complete psychological and physical examination after which a full assessment is done to recommend the right treatment solution and therapy if required.

If your body is showing symptoms and you plan to visit a trauma the clinic or a trauma centre, then RG Stone Hospital, Bardez, Goa, is the the leader in the field of treating psychiatric and traumatic conditions and complications of a patient. Our centre is well equipped with equipment of the latest technology, quality treatments and expertise that has the excellence of 34 years and also withholds the Guinness World Record.

So, for all your mental health needs and issues, RG Stone Hospital Trauma Centre takes care of your mind and body health just like your family.