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DEPRESSION: A Guide to Good Treatment, Causes and Symptoms

DEPRESSION: A Guide to Good Treatment, Causes and Symptoms

Depression is one of the leading cause for suicides in India. Rates of suicides among women in India are among the highest in the world out of which depression is number one cause.

The age group of 15 to 29 years is highest in india as compared globally among which depression is the major factor. Depression due to physical abuse is one of the major responsible factor. 



WHEN YOU ASK SOMEONE HOW IS HE/SHE? A depressed person will say that he/she is fine but deep down they are hiding the emotions which are sometime difficult to understand.

He or she is most of the time is sad

Talking and meeting with people becomes difficult even interaction with family members is also difficult.

Lack of self confidence

Feels like crying all the time

The day and night are same as if its a nightmare which is going on all the time.

It feels they are all alone

It feels as no one care about the person

person feels lonely in crowd


TALKING - the first thing to do is talk.  talk to the person even if you don't want. 

Regular verbal therapy definitely helps in reducing stress level.

Be optimistic- good thoughts will help in making up of good health.

Seek Medical care - medications will help in controlling anger level.

Bring out your emotions - be it any emotion like anger, sadness, suicidal hurting yourself or other talk about it.

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