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"I have visited RG Stone for PSA and was due to go to railway hospital, New Delhi, but could not get operated. Now with the help of RG stone hospital I was operated with the latest technology & now I'm okay and feel happy. Thanks to the unit of RG stone hospital."

- Mr. N.P. Srivastava, Stone

East of Kailash
V.P.-BSES, Nehru Place, Delhi

"It was pleasure to get treated at RG Stone. Fiber of laser mimics the brush of accomplished painter and look like a master art by RG doctors. The treatment I received at the hospital was excellent and the supporting staff was also excellent."

- Dr. Satyajit.Singh., Stone

East of Kailash
Rulean Group of Hospitals S.E -Gandhi Maidan, PATNA - 800001

"I was suffering from urinary problems since 2009. On investigations, it was found that I had an enlarged prostate gland weighing 215 grams. I underwent operation through KTP laser at another hospital in February 2010, but even then the symptoms continued afterwards. On further investigations, it was found that still 160 grams of prostate was still left. Then I came to RG Stone. The team here operated me through holmium laser and now post-operatively I am left with only 7 grams of prostate. I am highly thankful to RG to help me resolve my continuing problems."

- Mr. Giandera Singh , Enlarged Prostate Surgery

East of Kailash
Flat #11, Kalu Ram Complex, Mehrauli, New Delhi - 30

The treatment we received at the hospital was excellent and the supporting staff was also excellent.

- Mr. Iqbal Beg, Stone

East of Kailash
Near Bone Hospital, Bargulle, Srinagar, Kashmir.
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