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What Is a Cystoscopy?

Cystoscopy is a procedure during which the cystoscope i.e. a thin tube equipped with a camera and light on the end is inserted through the urethra into the bladder to view the urinary tract. The camera captures magnified images and display on the screen which helps the health care provider for diagnosis.


Why Cystoscopy?

This test is indicated if you have following symptoms

- Prolonged, continuous urinary problems

- Constant need to urinate

- Painful urination

- Blood in urine

- UTI – Urinary Tract Infection

- Urinary Incontinence -  accidental loss of urine

- Urinary Retention- Inability to empty the bladder completely

- Blockages due to Bladder stones

- Enlarged prostate gland

- Noncancerous growths

- Problems with the ureters (tubes) connecting your bladder to the kidneys

- Stricture- narrowing of the urethra, it can be a sign of an enlarged prostate in men

- Polyps or overgrowth of normal tissue

- Cancer or tumor of the bladder

- Injury of the urinary tract

- Abnormalities of the urinary tract that may be present at birth and may lead to a backflow of urine or kidney problems


Post Cystoscopy Recovery

Take time for yourself, your body needs time for recover

- After cystoscopy include large amount of fluid intake in your routine as it will dilute the urine and reduce urinary discomfort
- If you feel pain than application of a warm cloth over it will help in pain relieving
- Take medications prescribed by the doctor only, avoid excess medications as they might increase the risk of bleeding
- Avoid smoking and alcohol intake and even driving as it will exert pressure on the body
- Avoid weight lifting exercises, running for couple of weeks
- Blood in urine is normal after the procedure but if it is continuous than there is a need to visit the doctor


Warning Signs

If you have any of the following than visit your doctor:

- Fever or chills

- Lower back pain

- Urinary frequency or urgency

- Inability to urinate

- Continue burning with urination

- Continue blood in the urine

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